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Smart for Life Weight Management Center is the only Diet Center that offers a wide variety of all natural ingredient Diet Foods for you to lose weight.

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Our services include comprehensive education, counseling and support which is key to helping you lose weight and keeping it off. Each Smart Cookie is a nutritionally balanced mini meal to replace breakfast, lunch and snacks, made with all natural ingredients and 60% organic.

Our Life Style Non-Medical Weight Loss Program prepares you to lose weight with smart food products and a healthy dinner plan. And when you achieve your weight goals, you can enjoy weight control benefits by eating smart cookie products for snacks and not gain weight.

Get started today! Visit our center to review your weight loss options and get a FREE Weigh-in and Body Fat Analysis. Discover how many pounds of water, muscle and fat your body contains and also enjoy the opportunity to taste all the products from the Smart Cookie Menu.

Individually owned and operated, the LA Smart for Life Weight Management Center is known for its professional service and personalized care for all customers. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Weight Loss Counseling

Visit the Torrance Store or Call Us at 310-370-6999